Statements of Support


"Ricardo Lara is a progressive champion. He's fought tirelessly for working families, for gender equity, for immigrants' rights, for consumers, for healthcare for all, for better schools, for a clean and safe environment, and for a strong, thriving middle class economy in California. I'm proud to strongly endorse Ricardo Lara because he's got the dynamic background, proven track record, skills and vision that we need in our next California Insurance Commissioner."

-- U.S. Senator Kamala Harris

“As someone who has known Ricardo for years, I've seen his dedication to improving people's lives firsthand.  Throughout his career, Ricardo has taken the lead on many challenging issues confronting Californians, including addressing universal healthcare, defending immigrant communities, and enacting seminal environmental protections. As Insurance Commissioner, I know the he’ll take on predatory insurance companies and stand with consumers, working people, and other vulnerable communities. He'll be an outstanding Insurance Commissioner for California and I’m proud to endorse him.”

--U.S. Congresswoman  and CA Speaker Emeritus Karen Bass

“While Donald Trump and his Congressional allies are working to dismantle affordable healthcare and invaluable consumer protections, Californians can depend on Ricardo Lara to be their champion. As a public servant, Ricardo has been a consistently fearless leader for the marginalized and vulnerable. I know he’ll be a bold force for California’s consumers as our state’s next Insurance Commissioner, and I’m proud to support him.”

-- U.S. Congressman Salud Carbajal

“As someone who has known Ricardo for years, I’m proud to endorse him for State Insurance Commissioner. Throughout Ricardo's career, he’s been a leader on so many issues, including immigrant rights, expanding access to quality and affordable healthcare, groundbreaking environmental protections, and standing up for working families. With the federal government currently mounting an assault on the Affordable Care Act, the California State Insurance Commissioner will be a vitally important role in ensuring access to healthcare. I’m confident that Ricardo Lara will be a champion for California’s Consumers and I’m happy to support him.”

-L.A. County Supervisor and former U.S. Congresswoman Janice Hahn



"I'm proud to endorse Ricardo Lara for State Insurance Commissioner. I've known Ricardo for years and have admired his leadership on many issues: from healthcare access to environmental protection, and from defending immigrants to improving public schools. He's got the heart and the smarts to fight for California's consumers. While President Trump and the Republican Congress are working to strip away healthcare and consumer protections, we need Ricardo Lara's leadership now more than ever."

-- CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla

"Ricardo Lara embodies the bold, progressive and visionary leadership that we need in our next State Insurance Commissioner. He's dedicated his career to lifting up poor and disadvantaged communities, and he's fought courageously for tough environmental protection laws, immigrant rights policies, equality for all Californians, increased access to healthcare for all, particularly among all children, and for livable wages that help working people reach the middle class.Ricardo's experience, skill-sets and capabilities are unrivaled in this race, and his profound commitment to social and economic justice causes reflect precisely what we need in our statewide leaders. I'm proud to endorse my longtime friend and colleague, Senator Ricardo Lara, for California State Insurance Commissioner."

-- State Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León

"With so much uncertainty coming from Washington, D.C., it's absolutely vital that we have a proven leader serving as our next State Insurance Commissioner. That's why I'm thrilled to endorse Senator Ricardo Lara. He has built up a dynamic reputation as a change-maker, a fighter, a coalition-builder and as someone who knows how to create movements that lead to positive and meaningful reforms that improve peoples' lives. Ricardo Lara is highly qualified and well-prepared to serve our state's consumers. He's the best choice for the job."
-- State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon

"I'm extremely pleased to announce my strong support of Senator Ricardo Lara for California State Insurance Commissioner. I've seen him in action in the legislature and know that he's up to the task. Ricardo is not only battle-tested and deeply progressive, but I'm fully confident that he will be a formidable and unyielding protector of California's consumers. We need him as our next State Insurance Commissioner."

-- State Senator and Speaker Emeritus Toni Atkins

"With a fear-mongering, xenophobic and divisive person like Donald Trump in the White House, it's absolutely vital that the people of California have proven leaders we can count on to stand up for our values and our way of life in statewide office. I've just described Senator Ricardo Lara. He's a passionate progressive who has long fought for an inclusive and fair society. It's why I know he'll be a vigorous defender and protector of our state's consumers, patients, and working families as our next Insurance Commissioner. I'm please to support his campaign."

-- Speaker Emeritus and UC Regent John A. Pérez

"Ricardo Lara is the manifestation of the California Dream. The son of immigrants, he's grappled with many of the same life challenges that so many Californians face on a regular basis. Now, as a leader at the state level, he's dedicated his career to giving back and improving the lives of others, bringing compassion, inclusivity and a progressive approach to everything he does. Ricardo is by far the best choice for State Insurance Commissioner and I'm pleased to give him my strong, wholehearted support."

--Speaker Emeritus Fabian Nunez

“I’m thrilled to endorse my friend, Senator Ricardo Lara, for California State Insurance Commissioner. We need an Insurance Commissioner who will be an advocate for healthcare for all Californians, and will fight to get a good deal for California’s consumers."

-- State Senator Ed Hernandez

"Ricardo Lara is a compassionate progressive who has fought courageously on behalf of poor and working class families. He's been an innovator when it comes to crafting smart laws that protect immigrants' rights and he's proven himself as someone who is willing to fight for all Californians. Ricardo Lara is by far the best choice to be our next California Insurance Commissioner."
-- State Senator Holly Mitchell

"Ricardo Lara is fearless. He's bold. He's relentlessly dedicated to the people he represents. Most importantly, Ricardo Lara is a good friend, someone who knows how to collaborate, solve problems and get things done. I know he'll work his heart out to protect California's consumers as our next State Insurance Commissioner and I'm proud to endorse him."
-- State Senator and Assembly Speaker Emeritus Robert Hertzberg

"The promise of the California Dream is embodied by Ricardo Lara. The son of immigrants, Ricardo's career has been an inspiration to so many across our state. Instead of choosing a path in the private sector, he's instead chosen to give back to his community by dedicating his career to public service. In the legislature, Ricardo has been one of the most progressive, fiercely compassionate and visionary leaders our state has had. He pours his heart and soul into the legislation he carries on behalf of those he represents. This is the kind of leadership we need from our consumer watchdog as California's next Insurance Commissioner. It's why I'm pleased to give Ricardo Lara my wholehearted support."
-- State Senator Ben Hueso, Chair, Latino Legislative Caucus

"We need Ricardo Lara's progressivism leading the charge as our state's next Insurance Commissioner. Whether it's working to ensure healthcare for all or fighting against corporations who prey on and take advantage of California's consumers, especially the state's most vulnerable communities, Ricardo Lara is a leader that all California's can count on. I'm proud to give him my enthusiastic endorsement."

-- State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

"Ricardo Lara is fearless. He's a bold thinker and he's got guts. That's why Ricardo is working hard every day to empower the people of our state to take on the Trump Administration, from issues ranging from healthcare to the environment to protecting immigrants, workers and more. These are a few of the reasons why we need him leading the charge as California's next State Insurance Commissioner, focusing on protecting consumers, working families and our priorities all across the state. I believe there is no better choice for State Insurance Commissioner and I'm proud to strongly back Ricardo's campaign."

--State Assembly Member Reggie Jones-Sawyer, Chair, California Progressive Caucus

"Ricardo Lara is not only highly qualified to serve as Insurance Commissioner, but he's the embodiment of what a warrior for consumers ought to be. From working to advance healthcare for all to protecting immigrants and vulnerable communities,Ricardo has always put people first. I'm very proud to announce my support of his campaign."
-- State Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez-Fletcher

"Bold. A Visionary. Forward-thinking. These are the words that describe my friendRicardo Lara. Throughout his time in the legislature, Ricardo has played a key role in shaping many of California's landmark policies, from equality measures to healthcare for all children to immigrant rights, environmental protections to livable wages and more. He's the best choice to be California's next Insurance Commissioner."
-- State Assembly Member Todd Gloria

Ricardo Lara has been a bold force for good throughout his time in office. He’s brought great compassion, vision and a resolute commitment to economic and social justice to the legislature. We need him fighting to protect California’s consumers as our next State Insurance Commissioner. I’m please to endorse his campaign.”

-- State Assembly Member Shirley Weber

"Ricardo Lara is the personification of progress. The son of immigrants who grew up in east LA and who today proudly serves as an openly gay leader and voice of California's 33rd District in the State Senate, he's lived through the struggles that so many in our state have grappled with. These experiences reflect much of what made Ricardo the person he is today. It's why he's fought so hard to bring progress, inclusivity, compassion and a level playing field on behalf of the people of our state. I'm thrilled to stand with my friend, RicardoLara, in his campaign for Insurance Commissioner."

-- State Assembly Member and LGBT Caucus Chair Evan Low

"Ricardo Lara doesn't just talk-the-talk, he walks-the-walks and delivers for the people he represents. He spearheaded healthcare for ALL of California's children, made bilingual education a reality, took on climate change, invested more in schools, protected workers' rights, raised California's minimum wage and more. These are a few of the reasons why I'm endorsing Ricardo Lara. I know he'll make a terrific State Insurance Commissioner."
-- State Assembly Member Tony Thurmond

"I'm endorsing Ricardo Lara for State Insurance Commissioner because I know he'll be a bold watchdog for California's consumers. We need Ricardo leading the charge against the Trump Administration's plans to water down consumer protections by doing everything in his power to strengthen these safeguards for our state's consumers. I know he'll make us proud."
-- State Assembly Member Kevin McCarty

"I’m pleased to endorse my friend State Senator Ricardo Lara for Insurance Commissioner. He’s been a warrior for the people of California on a broad spectrum of issues, but particularly when it comes to social and economic justice causes. I know he’ll continue this tradition while also being a forceful leader on behalf of California’s consumers as our state’s next Insurance Commissioner.”

-- State Assembly Member Susan Bonilla (Ret.)



“Ricardo Lara has fought vigorously to bring progress and prosperity to the people of California. He's been a fighter for immigrant rights, pushed hard to take on climate change by advancing forward-thinking environmental protections and helped to raise California's statewide minimum wage. These are a few of the reasons why I'm fully confident Ricardo Lara is the best choice to stand up for our state's consumers as our next California Insurance Commissioner. I'm proud to endorse Ricardo Lara."

-- Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

"Ricardo Lara has long been an inspiring leader to so many. He's a rock-solid progressive who has proven his credentials time and again, delivering on immigrant rights laws, increasing the state's minimum wage, combatting climate change, protecting workers' rights and making college more accessible to people of all socio -economic backgrounds. I'm proud to endorse Senator Ricard Lara because I know he'll be a champion for all Californians as our state's next Insurance Commissioner."

-- Sacramento Mayor and past State Senate President pro Tempore Darrell Steinberg

 "Given the unprecedented instability coming from Washington, D.C., it's critically important that California's next Insurance Commissioner is an innovator, someone who has a proven record of problem-solving, and also who has experience with developing and executing on smart public policy on a range of key issues. I firmly believe that State Senator Ricardo Lara is the best choice for Insurance Commissioner. He's long been recognized as a dynamic lawmaker, as well as a leader who stands up for consumers, working people, immigrants, children and families, the poor and the middle class. I'm withRicardo 100%."

-- Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia

"Ricardo Lara has been a bold force in the lives of all Californians, pursuing a forward-thinking agenda that's inclusive, compassionate and just. We need him to keep fighting for Californians and their future, which is why I'm proud to endorse him for Insurance Commissioner. I know Ricardo Lara will be a champion for the consumer, patients and working people of our State."

-- San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee 


Democratic Leaders

"Ricardo Lara is a progressive icon in our state. He's been a statewide leader pushing for single-payer healthcare, immigrants' rights, a war against climate change, safeguards for working families, more good paying jobs and protections for consumers. He's proven himself as someone that people from every corner of California can count on to deliver bold and transformative leadership. I'm extremely proud to endorse him."

-- California Democratic Party First Vice Chair Alex Rooker

"I am pleased to give my strong support to Ricardo Lara's campaign for State Insurance Commissioner. Ricardo has long been an effective leader for millennials, working to make higher education more accessible and combating the rising cost of college, investing more in job-training programs, passing gender equity laws, anti-discrimination policies and much more. His forward-thinking and innovative approach to governing embodies exactly the kind of out-of-the-box thinking we need leading the office of State Insurance Commissioner. Ricardo is the best candidate for the job."

-- California Young Democrats' President Eddie Kirby

"I'm endorsing Ricardo Lara for California Insurance Commissioner because we need his leadership and fearlessness across the state as an advocate, champion and force on behalf of consumers. I know Ricardo will be extraordinarily effective and will work tirelessly on behalf of the people, not the billionaire elitists or big corporations and pharmaceuticals."
-- San Diego Democratic Party Past Chair and Current Democratic National Committee Member, Jesse Durfee



"Ricardo Lara has a long history of understanding working families, on issues like health insurance, auto insurance, and home insurance. He will fight against things like redlining, where you might not be able to get coverage if you live in a zip code that some insurance companies don’t like. He will give California a fair-level, comprehensive insurance system, where if you pay for it, you should get insurance. Few legislative leaders have a personal story that is as compelling as Lara’s... He’ll be streamlined and efficient. But at the same time, he will deliver to the taxpayer, the resident, the family, what it is that they are paying for.” 

--State Building & Construction Trades Council of California

"The California Nurses Association are thrilled to endorse Senator Ricardo Lara for California State Insurance Commissioner. He's been a fearless leader in the pursuit of healthcare for all, co-authoring California's innovative single-payer healthcare bill SB562. Moreover, Senator Lara's spent his career fighting for social and economic justice to help lift up disadvantaged and less fortunate communities from working families to immigrants, and myriad others. We know he'll be a bold force on behalf of California's nurses, everyday consumers and all Californians as our state's next Insurance Commissioner."

--California Nurses Association

"Ricardo Lara has dedicated his career to helping lift up working families, advancing policies that raise wages, protect retirement and invest in our neglected infrastructure and construction creating the middle class jobs that bring stability to our economy. He's been a  force on behalf of working families and we need him leading the charge as California's next Insurance Commissioner so that he can continue to be an advocate and an ally of working people. These are a few reasons why the California State Council of Laborers are supporting his campaign."

--California State Council of Laborers

"As a state lawmaker, Senator Ricardo Lara hasn't just been a good vote for working people. He's been a champion, a leader and a movement builder for labor, economic and social justice, for the creation of family sustaining good paying jobs, and investments in infrastructure that helps our economy grow. He's stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our members and we know he'll continue to do so as California's next Insurance Commissioner. We are thrilled to endorse his campaign."

--California State Council of Pipe Trades

"The California State Association of Electrical Workers are proud to endorse Senator Ricardo Lara for California State Insurance Commissioner. He's got a forceful and bold record of leading the charge for working families, fighting for project labor agreements, livable wages, good benefits, protections for workers' rights and more. We know as Insurance Commissioner, he'll be a champion that working families can count on, protecting consumers, workers and patients."

-- California State Association of Electrical Workers

"International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 11 is thrilled to announce our strong support of State Senator Ricardo Lara for Insurance Commissioner. He's been there for our members, fighting for more family sustaining good paying jobs, investments in infrastructure, job-training and apprenticeship programs, expanded access to healthcare, protections for workers' rights and more. Ricardo has proven himself as someone we can count on. We know he'll make a remarkable State Insurance Commissioner."

--International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 11

"The Painters and Allied Trades District Council 16 are thrilled to back Ricardo Lara for California Insurance Commissioner. He's been a champion and a fierce advocate for the cause of economic and social justice, and for workers' rights, good wages and benefits. We know he will continue to be an outspoken, bold and vigorous advocate for working families as our next State Insurance Commissioner. He's got our wholehearted support."

-- International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) District Council 16

“Throughout his career, Ricardo Lara has been a champion for working people of all backgrounds. He’s fought to raise the minimum wage, support project labor agreements, create good paying jobs, protect collective bargaining rights, and ensure healthcare coverage for all Californians. These are a few reasons why the Painters and Allied Trades District Council 36 are proud to stand with Ricardo Lara because now more than ever, California needs an Insurance Commissioner who we can count on to go to bat for California’s consumers and take on greedy and predatory corporations.”

--International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) District Council 36

"The National Union of Healthcare Workers is proud to give our enthusiastic support to Ricardo Lara for Insurance Commissioner. Ricardo has been on the forefront of the battle to expand access to healthcare for all. He's a tried and true progressive who values and has been a leader on behalf of workers, particularly in the healthcare industry. Californians need Ricardo Lara as our next Insurance Commissioner, fighting to protect consumers, patients, healthcare workers and all working families. We're with him 100%."

-- National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW)

"We are proudly supporting Senator Ricardo Lara for California Insurance Commissioner because he's fought tirelessly for advancements that help lift up working people, advocating for Project Labor Agreements, livable wages, local hire and workers' rights laws. He's been a real champion for workers and we know he'll continue a pro-worker agenda as California's next Insurance Commissioner."

-- United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers Local 36 

"Standing up for working people and the labor movement is in Ricardo Lara’s DNA. He’s spent his life fighting for the voiceless, working to create more good paying jobs, enact protections for workers, and a protect strong, thriving middle class. Throughout his career, Ricardo has been there for our members, from pushing for tax credits to keep the entertainment industry here in California by combatting runaway production to expanding access to healthcare, pushing for social and economic justice policies and addressing income inequality. We know he’ll be a remarkable Insurance Commissioner and we’re proud to support him.”

--American Federation of Musicians Local 47

"Working people need bold champions as our statewide leaders. That's why we are pleased to strongly endorse Senator Ricardo Lara for Insurance Commissioner. He has fought bravely to advance social and economic justice causes, from single-payer healthcare for all to raises in the minimum wage, and from ensuring that working people have a voice on the job to making sure that workers can bargain collectively. UNITE HERE, AFL-CIO is pleased to giveRicardo Lara our wholehearted support in his campaign for California State Insurance Commissioner. We know he'll continue his work as a progressive champion in this capacity."

"The United Steelworkers are proud to stand with Ricardo Lara for California State Insurance Commissioner. He's long been an ally and a partner with working people and our members. Ricardo Lara has a deep understanding of the need to have an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. That's why he's been such a force on behalf of workers, pushing to ensure livable wages, access to a quality healthcare, and good benefits. We know he'll make an extraordinary Insurance Commissioner."
-- United Steelworkers Legislative Education Committee for LA and Orange Counties

"Ricardo Lara's candidacy is unique because it would break down one of the last barriers in California for the LGBTQ community. To date, there's never been an LGBTQ leader elected statewide in California. HONOR PAC is not only endorsing Senator Lara, but we plan to do everything we can to ensure he wins this race so that he can finally shatter that final glass ceiling for the Latinx and LGBTQ communities in our state. Ricardo is exceedingly qualified, has the background, drive and vision, but he is also the best choice for the job of California State Insurance Commissioner."


"Ricardo Lara's candidacy is historic. Not only would he be the first openly gay California State Insurance Commissioner, but he would be the first openly gay statewide elected officeholder in California history. With that said, these are not the primary reasons we're supporting Senator Lara. Instead, we're enthusiastically endorsing Ricardo Lara's campaign because he has been a fierce, loyal and dedicated leader within and on behalf of the LGBT community, working to tear down barriers and ensure equality for all. In addition, part of his focus as a member of the legislature was to ensure that all Californians have access to affordable, high quality healthcare, and he has fought for healthcare coverage for some of the most vulnerable members of the community. He's a tried and true progressive and represents the best choice for California Insurance Commissioner."

--Equality California

"Ricardo Lara is widely recognized as a champion for working people. He's been a steadfast advocate of a pro-jobs, pro-worker, and pro-middle class agenda in both the State Assembly and State Senate. Beyond his record of advancing economic opportunity policies, Senator Lara is leading the charge in the healthcare for all movement in California. We believe he's the best choice for California State Insurance Commissioner and we're proud to endorse his campaign." 

--California Conference of Machinists

"The California Latino Legislative Caucus is proud to announce its endorsement of State Senator Ricardo Lara for California Insurance Commissioner. Ricardo has been a steadfast champion for the Latino community and ALL Californians on a broad range of issues. In addition to being an effective and forceful Insurance Commissioner, Ricardo will continue to be an inspirational leader that people from across our state can count on to be their voice and their champion."    

--California Latino Legislative Caucus